Transformed: The Funza & Tunza Initiative

FUNZA is the education initiative of Society Stores®

It shall consist of :

The Society Retail Academy

The retail academy shall take our retail employees on a journey through transformative learning opportunities and helps them explore potential for career profession at Society Stores.

The Funza Sponsorship Program

The program shall provide sponsored secondary education scholarships for bright but needy students. For every Ksh. 700 that a customer spends in our store  Ksh 1 shall go towards the secondary sponsorship program. Customer can also donate their change via their e-wallet towards sponsoring the program.

TUNZA is the community initiative of Society Stores®

These include :


Thousands of direct and indirect jobs will be created as part of our expansion program.

Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya.

Society Stores will stock at least 80% from our local manufacturers, producers, and farmers to promote entrepreneurship & livelihood.

Lowering the cost of living

Through ‘Everyday Low Price’ we will deliver value for money than anywhere else for our consumer target market. This means we enable them to save more!